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Achieving True Enlightenment

Namaste sexy friends! If you follow us you know Adam and I recently traveled to the Mecca of all swingerdom, Desire Resorts in Cancun. We joined with our friends the Jones's of the We Gotta Thing podcast and had a completely blissful time with them and all our new friends we met there.

One day Mrs. Jones hosted an all girl sex toy show and tell party near the jacuzzi at Desire Pearl. Well, I immediately knew which toy I would be bringing! The Chakra Illuminating Glass Dildo. This was my very first glass toy and I couldn't wait to share with my new lady friends.

At seven and a half inches you can insert it up to six inches which I found to be a very satisfying length and with the head being larger it finds the G-spot effortlessly. It lights up and scrolls through the rainbow of colors in the chakra system so it's especially beautiful to use in the dark. I found my groove with the Chakra using it internally on my G-spot along with a vibrator on my clit. I must say, I certainly found enlightenment! This combo resulted in one of the most incredible blended orgasms of my life. It's smooth texture and flared base might also make this a great toy for anal play.


Smooth glass

Holds Temperature heat or cold

Shape, prominent head great for spot stimulation

Beautiful design, like a piece of art

Lights up


Breakable? I felt like I needed to pack it very carefully.

All in all a beautiful and functional piece that I will be using (and sharing) again and again!


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1 Comment

Feb 20, 2020

Looks awesome and fun to use

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