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New Partnership!

We're excited to announce a new partnership with! From their website...

"TooTimid – The Romance Company, focuses on enhancing the sexual well-being of women and couples. Through education, advice, discussion and various sexual aides, TooTimid makes a positive impact on women and couples around the World. Founded in 2000, was initially a simple website for people to purchase items they may be too embarrassed to buy in person. Today, with thousands of educational articles, product reviews, product videos and a message board for like-minded people to discuss a variety of topics, TooTimid has evolved into a leading company catering to people who wish to improve their intimate relationships.

"We take pride in our female staff because most of our products are designed to help women and couples enhance their overall sexual health. And who is better to help women then...Well, other women?! Every one of us understands the importance of these products and how they can enhance your personal life."

Stay tuned here for product reviews and other information about TooTimid and the awesome products they offer! Check them out!

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