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Is that a pu**y AND a mouth?!?

As a guy...masturbation is pretty much a given. And if you say you don't, you're probably lying. However, one thing that's not a given is HOW guys masturbate. Some like to stroke it, some fast, some slow, and some literally just rub one out. Whatever your method is, I'm sure it works for you. However...I would put your "tried and true" method on hold for a while to give the Double Delight Masturbator from a try.

The item arrived in the standard discreet packaging...although our postman may be starting to wonder about why he delivers so many nondescript brown packages to our home. Anyway...upon first inspection of the item, I'll admit that the mouth end was a little weird. Seeing the semi-soft teeth inside, along with the tongue, made me ponder using that end of the toy for a minute. But I soon threw caution to the wind, said "It's for science!" and lubed up and slid inside. I'll freely admit now, other than the temperature, it's pretty damn close to the real thing.

A few days later I decided to try the more "traditional" end of the toy. I found it to be just as pleasing as the reverse with great internal texture and stimulation. Definitely got the job done...quite a bit faster than my "tried and true" method I might add.

The only negative thing I might say is that cleanup is a bit time consuming. But that unfortunately is a side effect of any male masturbation session...with a toy or otherwise.

Overall, I would highly recommend this toy for guys looking for a bit of variety in the masturbation routine. It also functions very well as a toy to be used with your significant other. I know Eve certainly loves watching me use it anyway.


Realistic feel

Great internal texture

Multifunctional with mouth and pu**y ends



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