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Take Charge of Your Orgasm!

Who among us can come from only PIV (penis in vagina) sex? As it turns out, studies estimate only about 25% of women. And my sincere congratulations to that lucky quarter! But for those of us who may need a little something extra to push us over the edge during traditional penetration, I just may have found the answer for the remaining 75% of us.


The RECHARGEABLE SILICONE POWER BULLET is a sleek mini vibrator that easily fits into a variety of places and will surely reach your most special sacred spot. It comes in a very feminine hot pink/purpley color (I love to relate colors to their corresponding chakras so of course this reminds me of the upper heart chakra) and it's made of smooth high quality silicone. It's washable in soap and water, waterproof and about 4 inches long with a thin vinyl strap for easy handling. The RECHARGEABLE SILICONE POWER BULLET is as the name implies - rechargeable and holds its charge for a good amount of time. I was able to use it on multiple occasions on a single charge.

I'm a simple girl. I don't need a lot of bells and whistles in a vibrator...but I do tend to use a combo during sex and while self stimulating. Larger bulkier toys or body parts (depending on some positions) can make it feel like there's not enough room for everything going on down there, so it's size makes the RECHARGEABLE SILICONE POWER BULLET a great choice if you like an insertable toy or penetration along with a vibe on your clit... which I do and this works wonderfully and definitely allowed me to accomplish an awesome blended orgasm.

As far as the intensity of the vibration, it is definitely strong for its compact size. If I'm comparing it to something very powerful like a Hitachi wand I tend to go for the lower speeds and in my opinion this is comparable to that, but if you need a lot of clit stimulation and operate a Hitachi at the mid to higher speeds this may not provide quite enough to get you all the way to "O-town."

At $39.99 the RECHARGEABLE SILICONE POWER BULLET is a decent value and I've seen many similar vibrators at much higher prices.

If I had to say anything critical of the RECHARGEABLE SILICONE POWER BULLET

it might be that the power switch did take some getting used to but it definitely does work. It requires a loooooong hard press until you see the light, then immediately a short press to turn it on. I'm sure the difficulty has an intended purpose. No one wants their suitcase or purse to start vibrating at random times.


Powerful vibration

Multiple speeds

Small, slim design to use during PIV

Rechargeable, waterproof at least for washing



Power button takes some getting used to.

If you need very high vibration like the highest speed on your Hitachi, this may not be enough stimulation.

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